Open Systems Professional Services
Small Systems Experience

We have experience of the following hardware, environment and system software:


    a very wide range of IBM Personal Computers and compatibles, including ISA, EISA, MCA (Micro Channel Architecture) and PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) systems

    a very wide range of PC internal and external "add-ons"; most notably SCSI expansion, network adapters and modems


    Desktop operating systems: Microsoft (MS) and PC DOS ; MS Windows 3.x; MS Windows 95

System software:

    MS Office Professional: MS Word for Windows; MS Excel; MS Powerpoint and MS Access

    TCP/IP software: Beame and Whiteside; FTP Inc.; Wollongong Pathway Access; MS TCP/IP; 3COM TCP; HP Arpa services & Walker Richer Quinn (WRQ) TCP/IP; IBM OS/2 Warp Connect

Experience with the above technologies ranges from design of solutions based on those systems; installation, configuration and management including performance tuning.

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