Open Systems Professional Services

Open Systems Professional Services Limited is a consultancy specialising in providing advisory and implementation services to improve the exploitation of computing within its client businesses.

Typical roles undertaken by Open Systems Professional Services are:

    Business consulting - for example, development of an IT strategy
    Solution design - including system architecture and detailed system design
    Implementation - project management, system integration
    Operations - systems' management

Our clients range from small businesses (e.g. medical practices) through medium sized organisations (e.g. software houses) to national and multinational enterprises.

We use the term "Open Systems" to describe those computing systems and related technologies that are, generally, non-proprietary (that is available from more than one supplier). Such systems include UNIX systems, IBM compatible Personal Computers and network technologies such as ethernet and X.25. We believe that Open Systems based solutions deliver the best price/performance combination without compromising choice.

We have experience in the following technical areas:
Mid Range Systems
Small Systems

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